Commit ec31c6e6 authored by Martin Vala's avatar Martin Vala

Remove old stuff

parent 90e7d58d
......@@ -61,8 +61,6 @@ void AnalyseAll(const char *fname = "emu.root", Long64_t nEvents = 0) {
Printf("hNtotal entries=%.0f mean=%f std=%f", hNtotal->GetEntries(),
Double_t a = hZZ->GetMean();Double_t
Double_t err = GetError(hZZ->GetMean(),hZZ->GetMeanError(),hNtotal->GetMean(),hNtotal->GetMeanError(), hz->GetStdDev(), hz->GetStdDevError());
Printf("Phi(z)=%f +/- %f", TMath::Sqrt(hZZ->GetMean() / hNtotal->GetMean()) -
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